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I am Mario👨🏻‍🌾, an Accredited Tour Guide by the Andalusian Government in Malaga.


If I start by telling you that I live in a place famous for the sun, the beach, the sunsets, the mojitos, tapas, grilled seafood, … you have probably thought of hundreds of different destinations that also share these characteristics.

But, on the other hand, if I tell you that I am a neighbor of Picasso, an admirer of the Zorro actor (Antonio Banderas), in love with flamenco, that I do not miss a single day of the Fair (Malaga’s festival), that I love the smell of Holy Week (processions)… things change.

Yes, I was born and raised in «Málaga, the Sun Coast» and for a few years now, «the City of Museums» .

I am Mario, an accredited tour guide by the Andalusian Government in Malaga. I was trained at the I.E.S Arroyo de la Miel in the High Degree as a tourist guide in 2016.

After living in England, Norway, Scotland and France as a part of my training and having one of the best stages of my life I discovered how much I enjoy sharing my own experiences and culture with others. We all can see the amount of ways of living, feel, understand the life can befall.

Becoming a professional guide in my own land it was the most exciting thing I could ever dream about. It was an stimulating way to delve into the history of my city and my origins.

I currently live in Torremolinos, a seaside town nearby Malaga city which is part of «Costa del Sol». Over there, we all are so afortunate to have a long boardwalk plenty of amenities and chiringuitos (local beach restaurants) to taste «grilled fish» all over. If you are keen to discover the mediterranean gastronomy I will be pleased to help you out with that.

Since we have in Malaga the best connections at the airport in the south of Spain makes our city an ideal destination to base and visit the rest of the cities in the region of Andalusia. If you are planning to visit the whole south of Spain by travelling through Andalusia, I can design a personal plan to live unique experiences in Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Cadiz. We can discuss about your pleasures and built a personal tailor-made tour.

Tourism in Malaga is a way of understanding life, we love the people and I love designing the itineraries to the wishes of the travelers who contact me. 

Today, my goal is to share the magic and charm of my birth-city, Malaga, with the rest of travelers who have that curiosity aswel. We will exchange culture and history in the most cheerful and enjoyable way possible.

If you’re asking yourself, how do I work? I do it the #slowtravel way. Tourism is often mistakenly designed so that visitors arrive at a place, consume any type of souvenirs, local food, take some photos and return to their accommodation as quickly as they have finished. And the next day, repeat and repeat. That is why I invite you to get to know me, so that you can personally ask me what interests you about my land and culture. I offer you an unhurried experience, breathing every moment and enjoying everything that surrounds us.

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