Eating in Costa del Sol 4h

540€ / Up to 6

Ready to Taste the Best Mediterranean Cuisine🥘 and Discover Our Own Way to Grill Fish and Seafood? Let´s Mix Food and Culture.

If you’re a foodie and can’t wait to finish a tour to go eat, I will mix it up for you here. Malaga has an strong Mediterranean food tradition as well as using the «tapas» mode in our day to day.

Whether you want to have tapas or you prefer to discover our star dish near the sea, I have designed an experience that will make you feel like a local for at least 4 hours.

Something that we do very well in Malaga is grilled fish, especially sardines and its name is «espetos». So if you ask for «espetos» in a restaurant on the Costa del Sol, you should know that you are asking for «6 or 7 grilled skewers sardines».

Also, I don’t know if you know that we call the restaurants that are on the sand of the sea «chiringuitos». Let’s find a good chiringuito together!

Before our lunch I will show you the most essential of Malaga in 2 hours. Once the visit is over, we go to the restaurant of your choice and enjoy a good lunch time.

which itinerary will we use?

  • Pick up location (you will decide it)
  • Birth Place of Picasso (outside)
  • Merced Square
  • Torrijos Obelisc
  • Santiago Church (interior)
  • El Pimpi Wine House (interior)
  • Roman Theater (outside)
  • Alcazaba Muslim Fortress (outside)
  • Sagrario Church
  • Cathedral of Malaga (outside)
  • Central Cafeteria
  • Constitution Square
  • Larios Street
  • Larios Monument
  • Atarazanas Market (interior)
  • We moved to our place for lunch

Whats included?

  • My services as a licensed tour guide.
  • reserve a table in advance at the chosen restaurant.
  • I organize transport if necessary.
  • A link with all the gastronomic recommendations of the city and surroundings made by myself.

What is not included?

  • The restaurant bill (included my meal).
  • The cost of the Taxi, private driver, bus or train that we use to get to the restaurant.
  • Any drink or appetizer that you decide to order during the visit.

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