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Alcazaba & Cathedral Malaga 3h

420€ / Up to 6

Two of the Most Essentials in the Malaga Down Town ⛪🕌.

On this guided tour we will have the privilege of knowing the history and delving into the two most iconic monuments of the city of Malaga.

As this territory has belonged to Islam for approximately 800 years and since 1487 it was conquered by the Catholic Monarchs, we have architectural beauty from different cultures and times.

The 11th century Moorish fortress-palace called Alcazaba stands on the side of Gibralfaro hill where the city is founded. Inside we will talk about how the Arabs made use of this space, who could and who could not enter, how the city was structured, what its population mainly lived on…

Later, about 300 meters away we will find an architectural jewel from the 16th century The Cathedral of Malaga. We will enjoy the exterior where you can distinguish the different styles used during its construction. We will discover why there are incomplete parts, and we will visit the interior and the domes, something unusual in a Cathedral.

We will end the experience sharing a tapa in an iconic bar in the city.

which itinerary will we use?

  • Alcazaba muslim fortress-palace (interior)
  • Malaga Cathedral (interior+domes)
  • Tapas bar (tapas time)

Whats included?

  • My services as a licensed tour guide.
  • I get the entry tickets in advance for you.
  • Entry tickets for Alcazaba fortress-palace (3.50€ / pax)
  • Entry tickets for Malaga Cathedral + Domes (12.00€ / pax)
  • A link with all the gastronomic recommendations of the city and surroundings made by myself.
  • A «tapa & drink» in an iconic bar at the end of the tour. 

What is not included?

  • Any drink or appetizer that you decide to order during the visit.

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